The Things That Matter

You could call these core values, but they’re more than just a few abstract nouns to make us (and you) feel good. They’re ways of being and doing that guide our every decisions and our every aspiration, whether we’re at our desks, knee-deep in builder’s dust, or talking intently with you about the tiniest of details.

Giving you a seat at the table
From the very first glimmer of a design to you feeling right at home in your new space, it’s a conversation. Our members design with you — not for you. You’re an integral part of the design team. (You’re not just coming along for the ride. And there’ll be homework…)

Designing around you
Great design doesn’t come out of a box. It’s shaped by you and for you. Being attentive to what you say (and what you don’t say) is the first step. Then it’s about designing thoughtfully and rigorously, always with one eye firmly on the timeline and the costs.

Making you feel great
We all want to breathe easily, hear the birds sing, experience the seasons. When we’re connected to nature, we feel calmer. So, even in a city street, our members look for ways to bring nature in. That’s a win-win for you and for nature.

Get in Touch

Our architects can begin with a simple consultation in to determine how they can help you and if they are a good fit.

Or, there’s the option of a more involved Feasibility Study for your project, where an architect will meet and visit your property, and produce some simple design ideas that can help you make a constructive decision on how to proceed.