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The Aberdare Architect Network is a network of Aberdare-based studios well established, working on a diverse range of projects including homes, community buildings and places for education and work.
Our members designs are developed through an open, collaborative and exploratory design process, resulting in unique spaces of character, integrity and material richness.

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Residential Architectural Services in Aberdare

New Home Design: Our residential architects in Aberdare can design new homes for individuals or families. This involves working closely with clients to understand their needs, preferences, and budget to create custom home designs.

Home Extensions: Many homeowners in Aberdare choose to extend their existing properties to create additional living space. Aberdare Architect Network members can help plan and design these extensions while complying with local building regulations.

Loft Conversions: Loft conversions are a popular way to add usable space to homes. Aberdare Architect Network members design loft conversions that maximise space while ensuring structural integrity and compliance with building codes.

Basement Conversions: Transforming a basement into a functional living area often requires architectural expertise to address structural issues and ensure proper ventilation and safety.

Renovations and Remodels: Aberdare Architect Network members assist with home renovations and remodels, helping homeowners update and modernise their living spaces. This can include kitchen and bathroom remodels, interior layout changes, and aesthetic improvements.

Housing Developments: Our residential architects work on larger-scale projects, such as designing housing developments or apartment complexes. These projects involve planning multiple residential units within a specific area.

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Commercial Architectural Services in Aberdare

Office Buildings: Designing and planning office spaces for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. This includes interior layout design, workspace optimisation, and creating environments conducive to productivity.

Retail Spaces: Designing retail stores, shopping centers, boutiques, and other commercial spaces. This involves considerations such as storefront design, interior layout, shelving, and displays.

Restaurants and Cafes: Planning and designing restaurants, cafes, and foodservice establishments. Aberdare Architect Network members focus on creating appealing dining environments, functional kitchen layouts, and compliance with health and safety regulations.

Hotels and Hospitality: Designing hotels, resorts, and other hospitality properties. Aberdare Architect Network members aim to create welcoming and comfortable spaces for guests, including guest rooms, common areas, and amenities.

Healthcare Facilities: Planning and designing healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and medical offices. Architects consider factors such as patient flow, medical equipment placement, and infection control.

Educational Buildings: Designing schools, colleges, and universities. This includes classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and recreational areas, with an emphasis on safety and educational functionality.

Industrial Facilities: Planning and designing industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. Architects focus on optimising workflow, storage, and safety within these spaces.

Cultural and Civic Buildings: Designing cultural centers, museums, galleries, and community centers. These projects often involve unique architectural features and considerations for public use.

Sports and Recreation Facilities: Creating sports stadiums, arenas, fitness centers, and recreational complexes. Architects prioritise seating arrangements, accessibility, and amenities for sports and entertainment events.

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Everything we do at the Aberdare Architect Network is designed to make your journey as simple and stress-free as possible. As our architect designs your home with you they cost it to ensure it stays on budget. After our architect lodges for planning permission they have a dedicated foreman, project management and building team who will take you through every step of the way on site from kitchen, bathroom and windows detailing to creating a signature stairs and laying out your patio and driveway. We understand you are busy with everyday life so our members keep you updated with market-leading smartphone apps. Now you can enjoy this life-changing journey with a Aberdare Architect Network member at your side